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1. Purpose

Establish, build, and coordinate relationships with partners.

2. Roles and responsibilities

Identify potential potential partners:

  • Research organisations that align with WISE's mission and values
  • Identify potential partners from WISE's existing networks, with the Networks Team

Work with respective teams to develop strategic relationships with identified leads:

  • Conceptualise strategic aims
  • Contact and communicate with identified leads
  • Formalise relationships through memoranda of understanding (MOUs) or partnership agreements, with the Legal Team
  • Monitor progress towards objectives described in MOUs/agreements, and follow up as needed

Engage partners:

  • Ensure partners are acknowledged on WISE's website and collateral
  • Publicise partners on WISE's communications channels, with the Public Engagement Team
  • Respond to partners in a timely manner, with respective teams
  • Manage disputes where and as necessary

Develop capacity to manage relationships with leads and supporters:

  • Develop and maintain a relationship management database to track partner information and activities, with the Networks Team
  • Train team members to use the database

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PurposeEstablish, build, and coordinate relationships with partners.
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