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FacebookPhoto album

TO REVAMP phase out old designs?

InstagramPosts ongoing



Content type



At least monthly


Need to regularly identify volunteers, partners and supporters to gather information from

Key messaging

Content Manager

Status of role


Content pipeline

Key Summary Due Assignee P Status

If you see the wrong list of tasks, go to the macro and check that 'Project/Theme' field is assigned to this project.


  • Reach out to more volunteers to submit Faces of WISE form Sue Kimafter clearing existing pipeline
  • Do we want to do Facebook and Instagram stories for Faces of WISE?
  • Transition Airtable to Confluence Yoke Pean Thye

Move plans to Jira when you are ready to start acting on them.

Channel guidelines

Facebook posts

Each photo in the album should feature one team member or stakeholder, including partners, participants and donors. At least one person should be featured per month. 

Each post should include:

GraphicName, demographic information, description of their role or an interesting quote from their responses

Size1080 x 1080 px (square)

A long-form profile, which can include:

  • Who the volunteer is
  • Their motivations for joining WISE
  • Current role with WISE
  • Acknowledge the writer and graphic designer.

Keep it short and precise, ideally less than 150 words.

Hashtag#FacesOfWISE #Volunteer #NationalityOfVolunteer or #CountryOfResidence

Facebook stories

While photos feature who team members are, stories can focus on what team members do with WISE and what the experience of working with WISE is like.

Instagram posts

Each row of three posts (a 'carousel') should feature three team members or stakeholders, including partners, participants, and stakeholders. 

The series/carousel might look and feel something like:

For each new series:

  • Prioritise new team members/partners who have not been featured before, or have not been featured recently (but are still active in WISE).
  • Choose people who have different backgrounds or roles. This is to ensure diversity in who we profile.
  • Try to vary the themes between each series.
  • Each post should have a caption that:
    • Links the content in the graphic to a call-to-action for the reader e.g. support the Phnom Sanitation Project by donating; help us educate your friends and family about hygiene and sanitation; volunteer to create new training material on various topics, or;
    • Make the volunteer more relatable e.g. Who is your favourite author? Let us know in the comments!

Instagram stories

While posts feature who team members are, stories can focus on what team members do with WISE and what the experience of working with WISE is like.

Getting responses from team members and stakeholders

Step 1. Identify people who can be profiled

For team members, the 'WISE family - Faces of WISE tracking' Airtable (OUTDATED) lists members who have not yet been asked to be featured. From the list, choose a number of people to reach out to. You may wish to get feedback or suggestions from the Core Team and project leaders, who may have a better idea of who has been more active.

For stakeholders, use the Partnerships Space to  identify individuals or organisations who might be interesting to profile.

Step 2. Reach out to people identified

Ask whether they would be willing to be profiled by WISE on Facebook and Instagram. For team members, after you have contacted them, update the following:

'WISE family - Faces of WISE tracking' Airtable

'Content - Faces of WISE - Masterlist' Airtable

Check the names of the people you have asked in 'Asked'Add their name to 'Person/Organisation' and update 'Profile status' to 'Asked'

Step 3. If they agree, send them a list of questions to answer

For team members, there is a standard form to answer here.

For stakeholders, you will customise your own questions for them, depending on their involvement with WISE and activities that they are involved in.

Step 4. When they have responded, make the profile available for writing

Create a folder with the person's full name in the 'Content - Faces of WISE' Google Drive folder, and upload their responses into the folder.

On the 'Content pipeline - Faces of WISE' Airtable, update the following:

  • 'Profile status' to 'Responded'

  • 'FB status' to 'Available for assignment'

  • Copy the URL of the folder into 'Content folder'

Create a task/issue on the Jira content pipeline.

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