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On date of event


Need to plan ahead of event

Key messaging

Raise consciousness of WASH issues in Southeast Asia, and connect them to wider issues of sustainability and inequality

Content Manager

Team alumIfa, Nabila Aisyah

Status of role


Content pipeline

Key Summary Due P Assignee Status

If you see the wrong list of tasks, go to the macro and check that 'Project/Theme' field is assigned to this project.


Move plans to Jira when you are ready to start acting on them.

Channel guidelines

  • Content created should be based on the theme of the event, whether the event has any specific campaign planned, and how it relates to WISE's vision, mission, and projects, as well as Southeast Asia
  • Consider browsing the Confluence pages to identify content that is relevant to the event, and/or speaking with the Coordinator and Core Team members for ideas
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