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Channel manager


Channel status



  • Mobilise companies with corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments to sponsor or partner WISE on a project.
  • Attract potential staff and interns to apply to join WISE.
  • Publicise WISE's capacity building and consulting services.

Key target audiences

  • Potential corporate sponsors and partners. They have a CSR or similar department that is looking to support specific causes aligned to their organisation or department.
  • Potential staff and interns. They are looking for opportunities to experience working at a non-profit social or environmental cause.
  • Potential non-profit and corporate clients. They are looking for research and/or training services.






None specific to LinkedIn
Google GroupsNone specific to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Manager roles and responsibilities

  • Create and share posts every 1-2 weeks
  • Respond to messages and comments
  • Share posts that WISE has been tagged in. Consult with Content Manager on appropriate messaging
  • Clean up outdated and irrelevant content


  • Clean up the LinkedIn page to remove outdated or irrelevant content

Move plans to Jira when you are ready to start acting on them, or to publish them as a volunteer opportunity

Active LinkedIn tasks

Key Summary Due Assignee P Status

LinkedIn content pipeline

Key Summary Due Assignee P Status

For LinkedIn-related tasks to appear here, the 'Channel' field must be assigned to 'LinkedIn post'.


For LinkedIn, we currently focus on short-form posts and sharing links to WISE articles/webpages.

Every 1-2 weeks, write a post that aligns with a purpose and key target audience. Examples might include:

  • Showcasing a project that companies would likely be interested in sponsoring or partnering
  • Highlighting a number of volunteer opportunities
  • Showcasing an example of a capacity building or consulting project that WISE has done, and encouraging people to check out WISE's catalogue of services

Refer to the Content Workflow Guidelines on steps to get a piece of content initiated, submitted, reviewed, designed, and published.

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