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Monthly update on what's happening in the Singapore team


  1. Gwee Cai Lin
  2. Lydia Lee
  3. Lynette Lim
  4. Nicholas Boon
  5. Yoke Pean Thye 
  6. Seah Yun Shan
  7. Tang Zepeng


  1. Nur Adilah
  2. Bernadette Tong
  3. Jeanne Tan
  4. Julia Ng
  5. Heiko Rothkranz
  6. Mayneth Yeo Xin Swee
  7. Vanessa Tan
  8. Lee Wei Yi

Notes by

Lydia Lee

Discussion and conclusions

Video recording / Audio-only recording




Let's rotate the note-taker for each meeting



Updates (Cai Lin)

  • Re-crafted vision and mission statement with the rest of the board and Core Team members
  • Top fundraising priorities: Grants; Donations; Training
  • Next steps for SG board: looking at board expansion to ensure we have a more diverse board + broader skillset, also looking at board governance, and looking to re-register as a charity 
2Core Team

Identifying strategic priorities (Yoke Pean)

  • Has identified and prioritised strategic priorities, consolidating into categories. 
  • Top priority is fundraising
  • Register in Cambodia as a domestic NGO

Legal handbook (Wei Ting, shared by Lynette)

  • A go-to reference for when WISE wants to do work which may have legal implications, eg fundraising.
  • Skeleton is in place, just fleshing out the handbook. Lucas is mostly done with Cambodia, part of Indonesia, Wei Ting is working on Singapore laws.

Behaviour Change Lab

DBC workshops (Nicholas)

  • Ran one workshop for Mendaki's Raikan Ilmu
  • Next workshop (for Southeast Asian youth, 15-35 year olds) will be 20 and 27 December. Looking for co-facilitators. Join us! And help publicise!
  • Publicity - starting to build outreach database to organisations which may be keen in sending their personnel for our DBC course, Yue Ying and team is looking for help here as there's a big network to go through.
  • Interest from UNICEF in piloting one of our projects in Cambodia

Self-Directed Lab (Cheryl, Kiat Kai, Jing Ning)

  • Own-pace online DBC course, team is currently designing doer/non-doer survey 
  • Looking for people who are interested in being part of this pilot (to run their own project)

Hackathon project reports (Eugene, Denise)

  • >80% done with ACRES report (to be vetted by ACRES before release). For the project team to share their learnings and how people can utilise Behaviour Change for their projects
  • Looking for help to write Team Linkages and Drink Wise Waste Less reports 


COVID-19 SG survey (Yoke Pean, Xinyu, Hwee Bin, Bryant, Inez, Abha, Alexander)

  • Response has dropped off a bit, next step is for results to be visualised on Tableau and prepare for publishing 
  • Looking for help to write a report on this

Migrant worker research

  • Started off with Recruitment fees (Benson)
    • Benson is visualising the recruitment fee data
    • Team is translating and pushing out the survey to various organisations to get more responses
  • Is now a bigger project, including Literature review and mapping (Jeanne, Adilah, Benson). Looking for help here too
  • Have been reaching out to migrant worker organisations to understand what they are interested in, so we can study topics relevant to the community

Leap201 (Joe, Benson, Fati)

  • Project is to create direct recruitment channels for migrant workers to apply for jobs directly so they don't have to pay expensive recruitment fees. Let us know if you are interested 

Social Collab (Benson, Zepeng, Fati)

  • Wiki page run by researcher at NUS, one of the page is about Migrant Workers, potential opportunity for WISE to take over the page to support migrant worker research 
  • Let Yoke know if you are interested

Waste management literature review (Yu Sze, Kavitha)

  • Kavitha is working on the Singapore lit review, Yu Sze is working on Indonesia lit review and is looking to handover if anyone is keen to help

Data visualisation (Disheng)

  • Internal data on our fundraising and expenditure on projects
  • Data will be shared with funders too 

Website revamp (Vanessa, Heiko, Yun Shan)

  • Starting to rebuild structure on WordPress

Content team (Yun Shan, Jessica, Shahirah, Shahidah)

  • Starting to work on the design
  • Toilet quiz for social media, revamping faces of WISE, drought project, Nagekeo project

raiSE FestivalForGood B2B experience event (26 Oct - 6 Nov) (Yoke Pean, Lydia, Shahirah, Lynette)

  • Soap Cycling - recycles soap, potentially work on soap distribution or hygiene among migrant workers. Let Yoke know if you are interested

Punggol Green Primary School

  • To discuss 2 potential projects - community project and STEM project
  • opportunity to do direct work 
  • Let Yoke know if you are interested Nicholas Boon

WASH training curriculum (Lydia, Jun Ying, Kavitha)

  • Lydia working on inclusion (to restart again)
  • Jun Ying working on research methods (will be back in end Nov)
  • Kavitha working on waste management (on pause)

M&E system for workshops (Zepeng)

  • Will restart closer to end of month, currently working on consulting projects 

Consulting projects with partner in Afghanistan

  • Let Yoke know if you are interested working on consultancy projects 
7Next meeting coordinatorPlease let Yoke know if you would like to help