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Welcome to the volunteer newsletter for WISE-WASH In Southeast Asia.
This newsletter is dedicated to connecting our family of team members from across the globe.

November Birthdays

Yoke Pean - November 8
Ifa Karmidi - November 10
Panha Yos - November 20
Nalalyn Chan - November 26

... from the WISE Family. Happy Birthday!

Wishing You a Day as Special in Every Way as You Are

NEW! Please complete our onboarding module in Confluence.

The onboarding module is an important step to get situated to WISE and how we work. The module tells you all you need to know about WISE, what platforms we use to get stuff done, and how you can meet your fellow WISE family members. 

The module should appear when you login, but if you don't see it, this is the link. And if you don't have access to Confluence, sign up here

Thank you!

Volunteer Interests

Vanessa, from Singapore, is learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and trying to get better at digital art. As a new member of the WISE core team, Vanessa is interested in learning and being able to contribute more to WISE's vision and mission.

Putra, from Indonesia, is interested in humanitarian work, primarily focusing around food and education. For Putra, WISE is an organization which gives him the opportunity to take part in supporting the community especially the education part. Currently, he's working on developing a course materials about WASH and Nutrition for WISE volunteer. 

Open Volunteer Positions

Research Missing National Statistics on Demographic Profiles

We want national statistics on demographic parameters as it helps us to identify gaps in representation in our survey.

This task will involve check what demographic information is asked in the survey, and looking for corresponding national statistics. We had already identified initial demographics, but are missing some.

If interested 

Contact Yoke

Design WASH-related Curriculum and Training Materials

WISE is developing training material on water, sanitation, and hygiene in order to help team members obtain the knowledge and skills they need to carry out their roles effectively.

As a volunteer with the Knowledge Team, you will design learning outcomes, lesson plans and training materials (e.g. slides, handouts, activities, learner's guides) on a topic of your choice. The design process will involve conducting research on the topic, gathering feedback from fellow team members, and piloting the training. Samples will be provided, and we have experienced trainers to guide you through the process.

If interested 

Contact Yoke

In Solidarity

COVID-19 has influenced the education of so many children around the world. Many don't have reliable internet connection, and others lack a place to do their online classes. With over millions of students around the world struggling for education, this month we share news and resources on how these students have been affected, and how we can help them.


Mixing Online and Offline Classes in Blended Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities

Does Early Childhood Education Still Matter During COVID-19?

COVID-19: Children in Indonesia at Risk of Lifelong Consequences

With over 63 million teachers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, on World Teachers' Day, UNESCO urges increased investment in teachers for Learning Recovery

Covid Second Wave: Investing in Asia

Beyond Access: Making Indonesia's Education System Work


HelpAge International: Home

Languages Online 

Language Learning Space

Buku Sekolah Elektronik

Resources for K-12 Education - Southeast Asia Center 

Please fill out this form to suggest topics for our in solidarity section.

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