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Channel manager

Handy Status

Channel status

Handy Status
StatusBehind schedule


  • Educate the public about the causes and consequences of the problems WISE is working on.
  • Mobilise the public to support WISE and our projects through donating, volunteering, or sharing.
  • Publicise events (workshops) that WISE is running.

Target audiences

  • Potential individual donors. They support the causes that WISE is working on, and am looking for organisations to donate to.
  • Potential interns and volunteers. They are looking for opportunities to experience working at a non-profit, or to contribute their time and skills to a cause that they support.
  • Potential workshop and program participants. They are looking for opportunities to develop new skills or contribute their time and skills to a cause that they support.
  • The public. They want to learn more or raise awareness about causes they care about.



Embedded within respective project/theme content folders

Design samples and submission templates



None specific to Facebook
Google GroupsNone specific to Facebook

Facebook Manager roles and responsibilities

  • Publish content created by Content Managers on a regular schedule
  • Ensure there is a constant pipeline of content being created
  • Respond to messages and comments
  • Share posts that WISE has been tagged in. Consult with Content Manager on appropriate messaging
  • Clean up outdated and irrelevant content


  •  Clean up the Facebook page to remove outdated or irrelevant content
  •  Create design samples for FB posts to help Content Managers
  •  Make Facebook accessible in Bahasa Indonesia and Khmer


Move plans to Jira when you are ready to start acting on them, or to publish them as a volunteer opportunity

Channel management

ActivityFrequencyDate last completedCompleted by
Respond to messages, comments and tagsEvery 2 to 3 days

Check news feed of pages we follow, and like/comment on posts relevant to WISE's missionEvery 2 to 3 days

Review and update static informationEvery 6 months

Review and remove outdated or irrelevant photos, videos, and eventsEvery 6 months

Review and clean list of pages we followEvery 6 months

Active Facebook tasks

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Facebook content pipeline

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For Facebook-related tasks to appear here, the 'Channel' field must be assigned to 'FB content stack', 'FB photo album', 'FB post', or 'FB video'.

Types of content

The Facebook page focuses on the following content: (1) Cover photo; (2) Photos (in photo albums); (3) Posts, and; (4) Stories

1. Cover photo

The cover photo is the first thing that a visitor sees. Therefore, it should clearly convey to the visitor what WISE is about. Alternatively, if WISE is running a campaign or recruiting participants, the photo can be used to clearly convey WISE's key call-to-action at the time.

Click here to create a new cover photo. It includes guidelines on dimensions as well as sample cover photos for inspiration.

2. Photos (in photo albums)

In general, photos should be arranged in albums according to the following themes: Projects, Services, Faces of WISE, Volunteer opportunities.

2.1 Projects

MultiExcerptNameProject Guidelines 1/2

Each album should tell the story of one project. It might look and feel something like that:

MultiExcerptNameProject Guidelines 2/2

The exact structure will depend on the project, but in general should describe the following:


Project title and summary

Summary of why the project is important (problem and its consequences) and how WISE is trying to address the problem.

Problem description

Consequences and causes

Explain in detail why the project is important, i.e. the consequences of the problem.

The graphic should represent an informative fact that the audience can share. Use one graphic per (type of) consequence.


Theory of change

Explain how the project aims to solve the problem.


Activities and outputs

Describe what the project has done.


Outputs and impact

Highlight key achievements and findings.

2.2 Services

Each album should be a catalogue of the services provided under that category, namely: capacity building, and consulting. Related links: Services content guidelines.

2.3 Faces of WISE

MultiExcerptNameFOW post guidelines 1/2
Each photo in the album should feature one team member or stakeholder, including partners, participants and donors. At least one person should be featured per month. 

MultiExcerptNameFOW post guidelines 2/2

Each post should include:

GraphicName, demographic information, description of their role or an interesting quote from their responses

Size1080 x 1080 px (square)

A long-form profile, which can include:

  • Who the volunteer is
  • Their motivations for joining WISE
  • Current role with WISE
  • Acknowledge the writer and graphic designer.

Keep it short and precise, ideally less than 150 words.

Hashtag#FacesOfWISE #Volunteer #NationalityOfVolunteer or #CountryOfResidence

2.4 Volunteer opportunities

MultiExcerptNameVolOpp post guidelines 1/2
Each photo in the album should feature one open volunteer opportunity.

MultiExcerptNameVolOpp post guidelines 2/2

Each post should include:

GraphicTitle of opportunity, purpose/description of opportunity

CaptionDetailed description of the opportunity

3. Posts

Posts will share card stacks or links for the following themes:

  • Global WASH events

  • WASH facts

  • Toilet quiz

  • WISE Happenings

  • WASH news

Where appropriate, updates about projects through card stacks or links can also be shared.

3.1 WASH news

MultiExcerptNameWASHnews guidelines

Each post should include:

GraphicA thumbnail of the article, which should load automatically (1200 x 630px)

Post text

Summarise the article in your own words, comprising an:

  • Introduction
  • Body: 1-2 main ideas from the article is enough
  • Conclusion
  • Call to action to get audience engagement

Keep it short and precise, ideally less than 150 words.

Hashtag#themeofthearticle #WISE #WASHinSoutheastAsia

4. Stories

Similar to Instagram stories, Facebook stories can be used to share:

  • WISE Happenings
  • Faces of WISE
  • Ad-hoc campaigns or recruitment drives related to projects

Facebook stories can be cross-posted with Instagram stories

4.1 WISE Happenings

MultiExcerptNameHappenings story guidelines
Stories would share live updates of WISE activities as they happen, with a focus on providing insight into what team members do in order to keep the organisation running.

4.2 Faces of WISE

MultiExcerptNameFOW story guidelines
While photos feature who team members are, stories can focus on what team members do with WISE and what the experience of working with WISE is like.


Refer to the Content Workflow Guidelines on steps to get a piece of content initiated, submitted, reviewed, designed, and published.