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    Self-managed vacation policy

    Employees and interns may take as much time off as they choose. This is expected to be at least 14 days per annum for full-time positions, and pro-rated accordingly for part-time positions. Approval is not required. However:

    • If the Employee/Intern will not be contactable for a period significant enough to affect their duties, the Core Team should be informed by Slack or email
    • If the Employee/Intern will require duties to be covered by someone else, the Employee/Intern should obtain prior agreement from all members of the Core Team.

    Public holidays

    The Employee will be entitled to all official public holidays on full salary/allowance.

    Kebijakan cuti yang diatur sendiri

    Karyawan dan intern dapat mengambil cuti sebanyak waktu yang diinginkan. Hal ini diharapkan minimal 14 hari per tahun. Persetujuan tidak diperlukan. Adapun:

    • Need to translate from English

    Hari libur

    Karyawan/Intern berhak atas seluruh hari libur resmi dengan tunjangan penuh.

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