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ContentKeep subscribers up-to-date about WISE's activities, achievements, and campaigns
  • Mobilise existing supporters to donate, volunteer, collaborate, or spread the work
  • Secure new supporters through word-of-mouth
Target audiences
  • Followers who might be interested in donating regularly or once-off for a meaningful cause.
  • Followers who might be interested in volunteering their time. They are from or interested in the communities and causes that we work in.
  • Corporates who might be interested in collaborating with or funding WISE.

Newsletter and subscription link should also be shared on social media to attract more subscribers.

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Moving forward
  •  Restart newsletter

ℹ️ Structure (Can be revamped)

1️⃣ WISE Happenings

A summary of WISE's key activities over the previous month with calls to action:

  • Highlight three activities from the previous month, preferably one per country;
  • If it is a particularly busy month, highlight more activities, or consider pushing highlights to the following month;
  • Check that you are not duplicating information from previous months
  • Each highlight should be introduced with a heading following by one paragraph of details
  • Use one photo per highlight, if possible

2️⃣ Follow, Like, and Share

Links to WISE's social media posts from the previous month, to encourage subscribers to click, like, and share.

3️⃣ Contribute your time & skills

A shortlist of volunteer opportunities, to encourage subscribers to volunteer.

The writer and designer should be acknowledged at the end of the newsletter.

👀 How to identify content