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Meaningfully engage external WISE supporters through online communication channels.

Roles and responsibilities

Manage online communication channels

Generate, create, and publish content on WISE’s online communication channels

  • Maintain the content planning documentation and systems to manage and plan content
  • Identify content ideas with other teams
  • Create and publish content in line with content creation guidelines
  • Ensure content is accessible in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Khmer

Support other teams to generate, create and publish content

  • Develop and implement systems and procedures to guide teams through the content creation process
  • Develop and disseminate guidelines on creating content

Review and edit content before publishing

Ensure that content reflects WISE’s mission and values:

  • Develop and implement content creation guidelines
  • Develop and enforce policies for video, photography, consent, etc.

Develop capacity to create content and manage communications channels:

  • Recruit volunteers to the Media Engagement Team, with the HR Team


  • Fill all roles in the team, including recruiting new members
  • Ensure team members are actively engaged in their roles
  • Ensure timely creation and publication of content
  • Strategise messaging for each project/theme
  • Ensure that information is consistent between channels
  • Actively identify new projects, themes and channels
  • Respond to messages and comments
  • Publish content created by Content Managers on a regular schedule
  • Share posts that WISE has been tagged in; Consult with relevant Content Managers on appropriate messaging
  • Ensure that there is a constant pipeline of content being created
  • Keep static sections updated
  • Clean up outdated and irrelevant content
  • Create written content for a project/theme on all channels, especially the website, social media, and newsletter
  • Create visual content for a project/theme based on concept and text proposed by copywriters


PurposeMeaningfully engage external WISE supporters through online communication channels.