ContentKeep subscribers up-to-date about WISE's activities, achievements, and campaigns
  • Mobilise existing supporters to donate, volunteer, collaborate, or spread the work
  • Secure new supporters through word-of-mouth
Target audiences
  • Followers who might be interested in donating regularly or once-off for a meaningful cause.
  • Followers who might be interested in volunteering their time. They are from or interested in the communities and causes that we work in.
  • Corporates who might be interested in collaborating with or funding WISE.

Newsletter and subscription link should also be shared on social media to attract more subscribers.

šŸƒ Actions


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Moving forward
  • Restart newsletter

ā„¹ļø Structure (Can be revamped)

1ļøāƒ£ WISE Happenings

A summary of WISE's key activities over the previous month with calls to action:

  • Highlight three activities from the previous month, preferably one per country;
  • If it is a particularly busy month, highlight more activities, or consider pushing highlights to the following month;
  • Check that you are not duplicating information from previous months
  • Each highlight should be introduced with a heading following by one paragraph of details
  • Use one photo per highlight, if possible

2ļøāƒ£ Follow, Like, and Share

Links to WISE's social media posts from the previous month, to encourage subscribers to click, like, and share.

3ļøāƒ£ Contribute your time & skills

A shortlist of volunteer opportunities, to encourage subscribers to volunteer.

The writer and designer should be acknowledged at the end of the newsletter.

šŸ‘€ How to identify content

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