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"Tips for writing alt text for images and gifs"Twitter thread@whykristenburns2021Alt text"I often talk about adding alt text to images, but I never actually talk about what makes good alt text, for people who are unsure. So here's my perspective as a sighted person who sometimes uses a screen reader."
Digital storytelling - are you leveraging it?ArticleCravens2021Storytelling-
Journalism and Mass CommunicationsTextbooksLibreTexts2021Mass communications-
Rain Barrel CommunicationsCompanyRain Barrel CommunicationsNACommunicationsWhether it’s social and behavior change communication, corporate social responsibility, a great speech or a powerful public service announcement, we can provide you with the support and know-how to get the job done. We draw on a wealth of experience with a range of international organizations – public and private – and we have deep knowledge of children’s and women’s rights and development issues.
The Smart Communications PodcastPodcastBig DuckNDCommunicationsHelps build communication skills and shares insights.
The Member Engagement AdvantagePodcastDulingNDMembershipFocuses on topics that help grow the association, trade group, professional society, or membership-based nonprofit more easily.
Online links - 142 Public EngagementDocument--Links-
Communicating social change (Satveer) 200810 - Activism in CrisisPresentationSatveer Kaur-Gill2008Culture-centre approach-
Solidarity Journalism InitiativeArticle Dr. Anita Varma -Solidarity Journalism Helps journalists, journalism educators, and journalism students improve coverage of marginalized communities. Solidarity in journalism means that journalists stand for basic human dignity and against suffering, and is practiced through newsworthiness judgments, sourcing, and framing that center the lived experiences of people subjected to unjust conditions. 
Get the workbook that will supercharge your digital storytelling!WorkbookJC Social MarketingNDPlanningUse this workbook by yourself or with your team and start planning your next digital storytelling campaign- with purpose, with intention, and with strategy!
Canva Pro for nonprofits: TutorialsWebpageCanvaNDCanvaCanva Pro tutorials
Website WednesdayYouTube playlistStoryBrand2021Website
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