Form the investigation team

The Monitor monitors the inbox for any reports. In case of a report, the Monitor will put together an investigation team from an established name list. The investigation team should consist of:

  • Monitor the inbox and google form responses for any reports
  • Formation of the investigation team (ensure representation of country and gender)
Investigator from the Core Team or Board Member
  • To conduct the investigation by communicating with and gathering information from the affected and involved parties.
  • Be involved in the decision making, appeal, and closure process
  • Providing support to the relevant parties
To be allocated by the Monitor

Investigator from the accused’s country (or another country if the affected individual and accused are from the same country)

Investigator from the affected individual’s country


The initial investigation should resolve the incident within 21 days of receipt of the incident report.

Assess the situation

  • The Monitor who received the reported claim should identify the affected individual, supporter(s) of the harasser, or harasser(s) involved, wherever possible. Refer to the Google Form for submitted information and responses.
  • Investigation team to decide on next steps for the affected individual and harasser(s) during the investigation, depending on the severity of the incident and whether safety has been compromised. Examples of other possible actions include: Paid leave, reallocation of work, degree of contact involved etc.
    • The supporter(s) or harasser(s) identified will be placed on suspension
    • If the identified individual(s) is an employee, refer to the labour law and guidelines
    • The affected individual is to be asked if they require time off or any assistance (Investigation team to check on safety and well-being).

Investigating the incident (Investigation Guidelines)

  • Each individual involved in the incident should be spoken to about what happened, gathering as much information as possible. The affected individual ought to be responded to sensitively by practising the following points:
    • Listening to and believing affected individuals
    • Prioritising their well-being
    • Emphasising confidentiality in the information shared
    • Check in with them on what they want or hope for in the investigation outcome
    • Connect them to someone (not involved in the incident) that they can to talk to about it
  • When preparing or speaking to the respective individuals, the following guidelines are to be followed:
    • Arrange the questions or topics in an organised manner
    • Set the tone for the conversation, establish rapport, explain the purpose of the session and what will be discussed
    • Ask follow up questions if needed
    • Explain the investigation procedure, timeline, and follow-ups
    • If the claim was submitted on behalf of the affected individual, approach the formfiller first before the affected individual (To ensure safety).
    • Introduce the investigation team, double check with the individual if anyone from the team is a harasser.
  • Document the entire process and keep a record of findings using the investigation template eg. details of specific harassment or discrimination behaviours, summary of interviews with involved individuals etc

Other materials and templates to reach out to the individuals will be shared separately during training.

Decide on Action and Closure

  • Once the relevant information has been gathered, depending on the findings of the investigation, disciplinary action will be taken and/or the reported incident will be closed (Refer to the Action and Closure section for more details).
  • Inform relevant stakeholders of the decision, and if there are no objections within 7 days, the incident is closed.


  • If stakeholders would like to appeal the decision, they have to write in within one week requesting an appeal. Stakeholders are then given one week to submit any additional documentation or information.
  • An appeal committee consisting of 2 individuals will be assembled to review the same case. They have access to all information, including the original decision which is to be reviewed by them.
  • The appeal committee will decide within 14 days, and this decision is final.
  • Inform relevant stakeholders of the decision, and when the incident is closed (Refer to templates under Step 6).

Reporting the Investigation and Outcome

Investigation team to inform the affected individual, the accused, and other individuals involved on the outcome. if an appeal is lodged, the investigation team has to inform the respective individuals on the appeal, and the appeal outcome.

Other materials and templates to reach out to the individuals will be shared separately during training.

Action and closure

The individual who has harassed the other party, participated in an act of harassment, or encouraged such conduct by others, shall be subject to rehabilitation and/or punitive action as meted out by the organisation.

In determining the appropriate punitive actions, the organisation will consider the totality of the case including, but not limited to, the following factors:-

  1. The nature and seriousness of the offence;
  2. Prior misconduct by the harasser, both at the organisation or elsewhere;
  3. The role/seniority of the harasser
  4. The impact or implications of the misconduct on the wider organisation; and
  5. Any mitigating, aggravating, or compelling circumstances in order to reach a just and appropriate resolution in each case.
  6. The affected individual’s desired outcome or closure of the incident

To properly close the incident, WISE may take further actions that include but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring the well-being of the affected individual
  • Rehabilitating the harasser through counselling
  • Publish a notification report (anonymize. Focus on facts, timeline, outcome and punishment)

Providing support to the affected individual

  • An assigned member of the investigation team to check-in on the affected individual once a week for 2 months
  • If the affected individual needs some time off, the investigation team to discuss with the team lead/supervisor/HR on a possible arrangement

Additional resources for the affected individual


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