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Localtab Group

titleStep 1

Gather Evidence (Reporting Guidelines)

When reporting an incident of workplace discrimination or harassment, presenting evidence will help strengthen your case. Possibilities include:

  • Documents or screenshots like emails, messages, or comments made on any communication platform
  • Eye witness accounts from anyone who saw the incident took place or have been treated in a similar way (Eye witnesses will be kept anonymous from the harasser if requested/possible for safety reasons)
  • A log detailing your harassment and/or discrimination events

For individuals (eg. bystander/eye witness) who are reporting an incident on behalf of the affected individual, the reporting individual should connect with the affected individual to get their agreement before reporting the incident. Do understand that affected individuals have to do what is best to prioritise their well-being, protect themselves and heal, and sometimes, reporting an incident may not be a priority or an action they would like to take at that point in time.

titleStep 2

Fill up the Harassment and Discrimination Reporting Form

The affected individual, a witness, or someone acting on behalf of an individual or witness reports and submits a complaint via Google Forms. If the person submitting the complaint wishes to name any persons involved (besides the accused), they should seek consent from the persons to be named.

titleStep 3

Wait for the Investigation Team

Wait for the investigation team to reach out within 7 days to notify the reporter that form is received. Investigation team to advise on the next steps.

titleStep 4

Monitor the Investigation Progress

If investigation not completed and resolved within 21 days from receipt of form, individuals are encouraged to:

  • Report and talk to the investigation team.
  • If the individual did not receive any follow up after 5 days, escalate to the HR/Board/Core team.

If needed, the following third-party support helplines can be used to report an incident:



General workplace harassment and discrimination

Hotline: +65 6950 9191

List of Government & Tripartite Partners

National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline

Violence and sexual harassment

Hotline: 1800-777-0000


Serikat Pekerja Nasional (Note that WISE is not eligible to register with SPN as we do not have enough employees)

General workplace harassment and discrimination

Halaman Pengaduan (Complaint form)

Kementrian Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi

Ministry of Manpower and transmigration


Better Work Indonesia

General workplace harassment and discrimination


Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection

Workplace violence

SAPA 129

Hotline: +62 821 2575 1234

Hotline: 021 129
Whatsapp: 08111-129-129

Ministry of Social Affairs

General workplace harassment and discrimination

Contact form


Cambodian Center for Human Rights

All kinds of discrimination


(+855) 17 50 50 50

Action and closure

The individual who has harassed the other party, participated in an act of harassment, or encouraged such conduct by others, shall be subject to rehabilitation and/or punitive action as meted out by the organisation.