Self-managed time-off policy

ActSEA has an unlimited time-off policy. There is no pre-approval required, and employees and interns are strongly encouraged to take as much time off needed to care for well-being of themselves and their loved ones (minimum 14 days per annum). However:

  • If the Employee/Intern will not be contactable for a period significant enough to affect their duties, the Core Team should be informed by Slack or email
  • If the Employee/Intern will require duties to be covered by someone else, the Employee/Intern should notify the Core Team by Slack or email

Family leave

The Employee/Intern will be entitled to all government-mandated family leave (maternity, paternity, childcare, etc). If additional time off is needed, please refer to the time-off policy.

Public holidays

The Employee/Intern will be entitled to all official public holidays in their country of residence on full salary/allowance.

Applicable toStaff and interns only


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